Casquette de vélo CAKE CVRQ 2022 - Unisexe
Casquette de vélo CAKE CVRQ 2022 - Unisexe

CAKE CVRQ 2022 Cycling Cap - Unisex

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This CVRQ product can be picked up from the Club Vélo Randonneurs du Québec.

Made from cool, soft cotton

Multi-panel cut

 Here are some of the secrets we've learned over the years to keep your Santini set in pristine condition so you can keep it for longer.

- Wash it at 30°C / 86°F
- Do not use fabric softener
- Avoid using the dryer
- Avoid powder detergents, prefer liquid detergents
- Turn clothes inside out before washing
- Wash similar colors together
- Don't wait to wash them
- Do not iron them