santini Jambières NUHOT
santini Jambières NUHOT

santini NUHOT Leggings

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Waterproof winter cycling leggings from Santini. These leggings are an incredible innovation! Water resistant thanks to Sitip's special Acquazero treatment, they are made with the exclusive BeHot fabric, capable of generating heat during movement, always keeping you warm and dry even in the rain. Finished with an elastic with a non-slip silicone grip on the thigh, they adapt to the muscles and are so comfortable that you will never want to take them off!

Operating temperature 0 / +10°C

Rain Resistance


Here are some of the secrets we've learned over the years to keep your Santini set in pristine condition so you can keep it for longer.

- Wash it at 30°C / 86°F
- Do not use fabric softener
- Avoid using the dryer
- Avoid powder detergents, prefer liquid detergents
- Turn clothes inside out before washing
- Wash similar colors together
- Don't wait to wash them
- Do not iron them