Custom Clothing

Just like clothing from the regular collection, personalized clothing is handmade in Italy at the Santini headquarters in Bergamo. You are therefore assured of their manufacturing quality. Furthermore, a new collection of personalized clothing was recently launched and includes new models of jersey and shorts, including models from the Tour de France.





Type of activities / Type of activities

We customize clothing for road cycling, gravel biking, mountain biking, cyclocross, triathlon, running and even tennis.


Personalization steps

1. Request a quote

Contact us at to present your personalized clothing project and to receive all the necessary information.


2. Receive your detailed quote

When you contact us, a member of our team will guide you through the process of selecting the best options and features for your custom clothing to meet your needs, requirements and budget. This also allows us to provide you with an accurate quote for whatever you request.


3. Get a design for your personalized clothing

Once you confirm that you are happy with the quote, Santini's team of experienced designers will work on your design, using your team colors and logos. You will receive front, back and 3/3 4D images of your custom kit. 3D gives you a realistic view of the kit allowing you to perfectly check the positioning and proportions of the logos.


4. Confirm your design and place your orders

Once you are satisfied with the design of your team kit, we can take care of order management on our online store as well as delivery. Then we will start the production process! Our standard production time is 60 days from design and order confirmation.


5. Receive your personalized clothing

Once your order is produced, we check all products to ensure they meet our strict quality standards and prepare them for shipping to your address. You are now ready to receive and enjoy your new personalized Santini kit!